autumn essential essentials

You have a pair of jeans, a basic tee, your go to pair of ‘comfy’ shoes, basic dresses, stockings, a collection of slouchy knit pieces grandma has made for you over the years – what more do you need for your perfect autumn wardrobe?

On a student budget, it is essential to make more out of what you have, with less. Now, keeping on trend is key, right? I mean, you want to be in this seasons current trend?  Make your own trend. Chances are you probably already have these basic essentials, but they’re in hiding amongst the pieces you purchased for Summer that you probably will never wear again.  Use them for Autumn.

. . .

that white shirt dress…


Chances are, you wore this cute little basic, yet simple twist on the iconic white shirt with either sneakers or sandals during the Summer, I mean, pretty much every girl wore it at least once a week, whether it be for a comfortable outfit to wear on the town, or to cover their swimming costumes while on their way to the beach. Either way, it’s going to be your Autumn/Winter staple too.

Grab those thigh high boots that you literally wore all last winter because you couldn’t (and every other girl) be bothered wearing pants last year.

And that trench coat that only ever comes out when you need to duck out to the shops because you need a coffee but ran out of your favourite nut milk, but don’t want to change out of your pyjamas (I know your secret, it’s mine too).

Or, if you’re not feeling the trench coat, here’s my little secret… ‘prep is always in’. Rummage through your closet for that basic black knitted crew neck jumper – and how cute are you?

That, is your first two outfits for this Autumn with one simple dress.






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