what a waste, literally.

Why is it, that we design and produce clothing on a large scale at extreme low quality? Why must we have such a quick turn around time which some fast fashion outlets bring out up to 52-micro seasons/collections per year? Why must we always have to have something new?  And why must they always be producing something new? Do we need it? No.

Fashion is an art form, and it is status driven. But, fast fashion is exploiting it’s power to tap into the emotional senses of the consumers, to make them feel like they need a new shirt, that they need it to feel accepted, to make them feel successful for attaining the shirt at such a low cost, that it’s going to make them happy.

The person that produced the shirt, little do they know, that is living in poor conditions as they do not make a proper living wage for making the shirt, that shirt will deteriorate within several wears from being poorly manufactured because of the conditions that it is being made in, that the shirt is going to contribute to the 27kg of textile waste per Australian which is going into landfill every year on average (source: textile beat) and in which already 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles are discarded each year (source: ABS), then that shirt is then going to take  up to 40 years to break down as it has plastic properties because the shirt is more than likely a polyester fibre based material. 

And all of this? For your convenience? So all those big fast fashion chains would rather exploit garment workers in third world countries? Did we not learn from the Rana Plaza incident in 2013 where we lost the lives of more than 1,100? And we, continue to fund fast fashion, in all of which is going to then contribute to the mass amount of textiles in landfill, which is going to contribute to global warming and depletion of resources? And we, as consumers are going to continue to fuel the problem because we refuse to own up to what monstrosity we have created, all for our convenience.

Why is it so hard for brands to have transparency, and for us to be aware of how our clothes are made? Or in fact, how are we so ignorant.


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